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Welcome to the Corporate Exchange Network ® (CEN), offering freight management in network-connected systems.

We provide to all parties involved in the chain of transportation, a highly functional, modern and internet based freight-acquistion, freight-disposition, freight-processing and tracing system.

With Corporate Exchange Network ® (CEN) there are only winners as all parties involved profit from the services and possibilities the transport management system offers and provides:

- connection and gateway - using a central login - to a cooperation network of Cargo Loaders, optimizing loads, reduction of empty capacity tours, fair market pricing for freight as well as reduction in acquisition, processing, integration and communication costs are the major advantages for you as a carrier

- for loaders we offer a flexible system which connects and integrates with your current transport partners as well as to a wider marketplace. Improved efficiency, time and cost savings helps and wider access to carriers help to you improve your competitiveness.

Our freight management system provides in addition all functions and services that a 'Freight Exchange' provides without the usual restrictions, with respect to the flexibility and support of integration to all the pre and post enterprise related processes and with respect to business partners without any disadvantages.

Become a member of the Corporate Exchange Network ® (CEN), the freight management system in a connected network
Take advantages of integrating, processing, communicating and controlling - allfrom a single perspective and provider.
Due to the flexible usage and result oriented price structure we are sure to provide you an excellent return on investment.

Please convince yourself, most of the functionalities and services are instantly available to you after registering.
After registering you may use - without fear of additional costs - our Training and Demo System to test additional functionality/modules before ordering them.

Since we are also active in the former Russian countries, now CIS, you have the opportunity to find new business parterns and business contacts in these countries.

Be a Corporate Exchange Network ® (CEN) member - Join now!
Improving your competitiveness is our goal.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or issues.

For further information you may have a look at our presentation


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